Tourists’ Photo Treasure Trove Captures 1980s New York City

Dutch tourists Ed Sijmons and his wife Louise visited New York City for two weeks in 1980. They came away with rolls and rolls of 35mm film, and had only found the negatives of one. Until this month, when they rediscovered the rest, digitized the entire treasure trove, and put it on Flickr in four sets for the world to enjoy 

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Tom Pfannerstill:  From the Street

Louisville, Kentucky-based artist Tom Pfannerstill creates amazing works of art that look like trash, and not just any trash, but actual pieces of litter that he actually found and picked up. For an ongoing series entitled From the Street, Pfannerstill uses the trompe l’oeil technique to paint flat pieces of wood so that they become uncanny likenesses of discarded objects and disposable containers, everything from a smashed boxes of Animal Crackers and Cracker Jack to a beat-up old baseball cap.